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About Us

For over 16 years we have supported a number of children, young people and adults who require specialist services. Through the success of our services, the outcomes delivered to those accessing them, and in recognition of the changing needs of the services and individuals in our care, we have expanded our facilities and developed the services offered within them.

We are proud of our first class facilities and employ hundreds of passionate, dedicated staff who deliver high-quality care, education and clinical services every day. In the past year we have worked with nearly half of all local authorities in England and Wales, delivering care and education for an increasing number of children and adults.

Our services and support are unique, bespoke and tailor made to fit each individuals needs. We have successfully developed outcome models for each of our services, which enable us to demonstrate the development made by each individual in our care. Due to the breadth of our services we are able to adapt to the needs of the individual at different points in time, whether that be increasing or decreasing the care required. This enables us to provide a range of care options within a journey of support for our young people and their families. We share every step of that journey with them.

To see the full breadth of what we offer within each service, please see the pathway page under each of our services.

We create happy places that are safe, friendly and supportive, so that we are trusted to be doing the best for the people in our care.

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