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To be the provider of choice for care and education in our sectors through being dynamic, adaptable and compassionate



We will continually strive to provide the highest quality care and education, utilising best practice alongside our own innovative and robust evidence based models and clinical practices.

Because of this we can embrace accepting some of the most challenging and complex individual cases.

Through our commitment to a continual and credible programme of training and development for all of our staff, we aim to have the best quality and experienced individuals and teams in the sector. We want new team members to want to join us because of this commitment. We are focused on ensuring our staff are involved, informed and motivated, enabling them to understand and communicate when appropriate the whole strength that our organisation can provide to our stakeholders.

We understand that to provide and continually invest in the delivery of top quality care, the organisation needs to be well organised, run effectively and to this end must be financially viable. This solid foundation allows us to innovate, create and develop new services.

We are ambitious, vibrant and contemporary in our approach. We act with incisiveness, thought and clarity. We focus strongly on the positive outcomes for the young people and adults in our care.


One of our key strengths and points of difference is our ability and desire to build care around the young people and adults in our services and their families.

Our services and support offer a holistic approach, which is unique and tailor made to fit a person’s need. We don’t do “off the shelf” provision.

We look at the care needed throughout a person’s life, not just one moment in time. Providing a range of care and education options within a journey of support that is bespoke, enabling us to deliver exceptional outcomes. We share every step of that journey with them.

We are flexible in our approach but ensure this does not compromise safety or the integrity of the service and facilities we provide.


Caring for vulnerable people is our passion.

Going above and beyond is part of what we do every day, we don’t just see what we do as a job.

We demonstrate genuine care and affection for the individual and we are highly motivated by our ability to make a person’s life better and more fulfilling.

We create happy places that are safe, friendly and supportive, so that we can be trusted to be doing the best for each person in our care.

We are proud to work for Options, to have first class facilities and fully understand that no one person can do their job effectively without the remainder of the team doing their jobs well. We want this to flow through to families who have “peace of mind” that their loved one is cared for by Options.

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