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Anna Kennedy has been working with Great Western Railways to raise autism awareness training with their staff

Great Western Railways have been working with our Autism Ambassador Anna Kennedy to create a bespoke autism awareness training package to help their staff better meet and understand the needs of those travelling with autism.

The awareness training for front line staff will help them to support people with autism using public transport, reducing what can be stressful situations and creating a more comfortable journey.

Anna Kennedy OBE, Director and founder of the Anna Kennedy Online charity said: “We are proud to be able to help raise autism awareness to Great Western Railways staff. As a parent of two young men, travelling by train this has always been a difficult experience due to my youngest son who has significant sensory issues.

“Whistles blowing, crowded and noisy stations and doors banging can be a bit full-on and cause him anxiety. By sharing information with all staff this will hopefully help create a less stressful journey.”

The autism awareness programme was written by Austin Hughes, Senior Practitioner of the Anna Kennedy Online charity, who lives with autism himself and so understands first-hand the difficulties faced by people with autism on public transport.

Austin talks about his personal experiences with public transport in this video:

You can read more about this on the Great Western Railway website:

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