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Care and Accommodation

Millfield can accommodate up to eight residents with six single bedrooms, including two en-suite and two shared bathrooms in the main building and an additional two en-suite bedrooms in the annex extension of the building. The living space has been specifically designed to a high specification for ease of flow between the two kitchens, dining room and two lounges. All of this allows the skilled staff team to support the residents in living together as independently as possible.

The residents at Millfield House all have a diagnosis of autism, and most also have severe learning difficulties and some associated challenging behaviour. The building and grounds have therefore been adapted to meet their complex needs with plenty of opportunity for the residents to have privacy, but also to be able to access communal spaces for recreation and the development of independent living skills.

Residents at Millfield House are functioning largely at a level that is significantly below their chronological age, so they need help with all activities, and support in making choices. Experienced staff recognise the balance that has to be achieved between encouraging adults to take part in an activity, and allowing them to opt out if this is what they wish to do. Residents at Millfield House are also encouraged to participate in activities such as gardening and horticulture, volunteering in the community, and undertaking work experience where they are able to do so, as well as developing their independent living skills such as money-management, laundry, cooking and nutrition, accessing the community to encourage increased independence, and enhanced self-confidence.

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