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Success Stories

“Excellent emotional and practical care and support”

“We are very happy with the level of care and support M receives. M continues to make good progress, he always appears happy, healthy and well cared for and this is because of the excellent emotional and practical care and support he receives.” – Parents

“The clinical service is a great benefit”

“We think the clinical service is a great benefit and the clinical team are always available and keen to support us in any way they can which is very much appreciated.” – Parents

“Communication is excellent…”

“Robert is a very complex young man and is a challenge for all those who care for him, but everyone involved in his care have worked incredibly hard to get to know him and his autism.

Communication is excellent, and we have always been encouraged to phone anytime we like.  We receive a regular weekly update by e-mail.”

– Robert’s Mothe

“dedication and hard work put in by staff…”

“Life is full of ups and downs for our students as they have to live with their autism and complex needs, but they have shown they can adapt to learn new skills with patience, support and understanding from staff.

Today one of the students is now able to eat with his spoon, take his plate to the kitchen without being asked and ask for his wants and needs without getting upset.

Others have shown they can control their behaviour, make their own meals independently and choose their own clothes.

Many of our young people now attend college, have work experience and socialise with others in the local youth clubs.

Over the past few years I have seen the dedication and hard work put in by staff and management to build the foundation of what we have today.

The results can be seen by the change in the young people’s behaviour and the life skills they can now achieve independently.”

– Staff member at Options Malvern View

“I loved every minute of it…”

“John, who is a member of staff, organised for me to go fly fishing and have lessons.  We went and I learned very quickly how to cast the line out, so we then tried catching one.

Although it was very cold, me and John were adamant that I would catch one and bring it home.  Within three quarters of an hour I caught a fish that that weighed four pounds and twelve ounces – it was a good catch.

It was the first trout I have ever caught, and although I have caught other fish like carp and pike, this is totally different.  I loved every minute of it, and I can go when I like so now it is on my weekly routine.

I was extremely happy with that, and the following day me and John cooked it with lemon, herbs, pepper and salt, which everyone really liked.

So not only did I learn how to catch this rainbow trout, I also learned how to cook it and take the bones out of it.  This was one of the best days out I have ever had here.”

– Tom, young person

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