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Care & Accommodation


People living at Options Roxby House have an active role in developing their individualised programmes of care and personal development, ensuring that their needs are met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that their individual choices are respected.

Supported by a large team of professionals and care staff, there is access to a wide range of professional and clinical support when required.


The 4 residential areas have been designed specifically to cater for people with a wide variety of needs and to provide a high standard of accommodation.

  • Lawson House offers 7 self-contained flats.
  • Saffron House offers 2 self-contained flats and one 4 bedded house.
  • Rigby House offers 5 self-contained flats one 2 bedded flat and one 1-person apartments which can be linked to become shared flat depending on individual progress.
  • Rawton House offers two 4 bedded houses.
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