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Every person at Options Roxby House is carefully assessed by a dedicated life skills team to ensure that all personal development programmes are person-centred and individually tailored to their abilities and needs.

These programmes ensure that measurable progress is made in the areas of life, social and communication skills development, self-perception and awareness, and increasing independence.

At Options Roxby House we help people on the autistic spectrum to make sense of the world they live in by using a variety of tools which alleviate frustration and anxiety, and promote learning. These include:

  • Learning environments that are predictable, structured and calm
  • A focus on low arousal scenarios designed to encourage concentration and effective communication
  • Extensive facilities which promote increased flexibility of thought and self-awareness
  • Regular and positive reinforcement to enhance confidence and emotional well being
  • Supported integration into community life which often leads to real work opportunities

People are supported to study for Unit Award Schemes from the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance, whilst learning the life skills necessary to fulfil their potential for independence.

Following the Options Autism journey of care, Options Roxby House supports guiding people through their journey towards increased independence. Each stage is planned for well in advance to ensure that transition from one service to another is completely smooth, and takes place at the most appropriate time.

Where and when appropriate, we work closely with the people living at Options Roxby House, their parents and guardians and relevant agencies to determine the most appropriate next step, be it to an Options Autism Transition to Supported Living service or supported housing service or external placement.

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