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Success Stories

“thank you for all you do”

”Our daughter is very happy at Roxby House and I am very pleased with the way she has grown up while being there. I would like to thank you all the staff for everything they do for our daughter. You are all doing wonderful work.”

– Parents

“he is understood and his needs are met”

“We continue to be very happy that Roxby House is a really good placement for our son, where he is understood and his needs are met. Thank you to all staff for their hard work.”

– Parents

“a first class service”

“As always you have a very good understanding of our son, is always maintained. Staff are very friendly and always polite. Our son has been there for a number of years now and I’ve always said that management, staff and environment are first class.”

– Parents

“he is loved, nurtured and respected…”

“Slowly and surely, bit by bit, the team began to put Sean together again. They didn’t look at what was wrong with Sean but at what they could do differently so his moments of anxiety were reduced.”

“Supported by a consistent team with skilled workers, Sean was able to begin doing the things he loved and which keep him healthy, animated and an integral member of society. His life is now full and varied; his physical, emotional and mental health needs are well met. But more than that, to the team he is a person, not a syndrome. I feel that he is loved, nurtured and respected by the Lawson team.”

– Sean’s Mother

 “Steven handled the transition remarkably…”

“Throughout Steven’s time living at Lawson house he developed some very clear self-regulating strategies which helped him cope with the day to day life that challenged Steven’s autism.

Steven had witnessed a peer move on to a more independent facility and from that time he said that was what he would like for himself, and when he heard about Options Autism Applegate at Barton he spoke strongly about the opportunity of moving and having his own flat.

The transition was supported by the key worker and other key staff, the dates and transition plan were written on a diary journal so Steven had a visual plan of the arrangements and what he would be doing each day up to and including the move day.

Steven went out shopping for items for his new flat; he bought bedding, pictures and matching curtains for the bedroom[…] Steven handled the transition remarkably and invited his key worker and Lawson team leader to help him move the final things and to help him settle into his new flat.”

– House Manager at Lawson House

“I’m now attending college full time…”

“When growing up I was experiencing trauma of all sorts because I was never actually sure of what was actually going on around me or was never told. I had a lot of worries about life; I still kind of do at times.

In the outside world as I like to call it, I feel frightened and vulnerable in society. I always thought of myself as being the odd one out and have experienced much difficulty in being able to cope with anxiety.

Being at Options Roxby House gave me hope and gave me the best opportunity of being able to create a film that was fantastic, I loved every minute of it.

I won an award for the film I made. At Options Autism I got to know a lot of fantastic people who believed in me and pushed me to better myself and gave me the support and advice that made me stronger and more aware.

I eventually came out of my shell and achieved lots.

I had lots of laughs but also had some very difficult times. I knew Options Roxby House was just a transition and the plan was for me to move to college which I eventually did.

Options Roxby House supported me with the transition to my new placement in Newcastle.

I’m now attending college full time in my new placement and the subjects I’m currently studying are maths, ICT, photography, drama, dance, art & design and brick laying as a night course.”

– Former Options Roxby House resident

 “…express my appreciation…”

“I would also like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the work undertaken by the staff team in preparing Stephen for the move to supported living and their part in the transitions process”

– Social Worker

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