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Care & Accommodation


Options The Thicket offers extensive care provision based around individual needs.

On commencing employment, all staff are required to complete a mandatory skills for care induction course. Each member of staff is required to complete Diploma level 2 or above, and receives comprehensive training in specialist health needs such as epilepsy.

Staff members receive the training appropriate to their roles and accredited training for the administration of medication and the management of expressive behaviours.

Options The Thicket is committed to person-centred planning in line with the Government’s Autism Strategy and the personalisation agenda. People play active roles in developing their individualised programmes of care and personal development, ensuring that their needs are met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that their individual choices are respected.

The Thicket also offers access to wide range of professional and clinical support where required. All clinical and professional programmes are overseen by their dedicated regional clinical team.


On the first floor there are 2 en-suite bedrooms and a shared lounge, dining room and kitchen; a layout which promotes the values of communal living whilst still enabling people to maintain their privacy. The ground floor is divided into 2 self-contained flats, each with its own bedroom, lounge/dining room and bathroom, and offers greater independence for those who are ready.

Whilst Options The Thicket is attractive and homely, the accommodation is designed to cater for people with challenging behaviour. The people living at Options The Thicket are always encouraged to decorate their rooms to reflect their individual personalities.

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