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Success Stories

“…first successful holiday with support staff…”

“Many of our residents at Options Thorpe House have progressed and done extremely well whilst being with us. Some of our residents have had their first successful holiday with support staff as well as visit the town centre via public transport independently, which is something that would have been a big thing to overcome.

Other people in our care are now able to plan their days independently and choose their own clothes. Other successes include one of our residents being able to choose his own care, another one of the people we support was able to attend his first VLSI session and enjoyed it! Many of our residents at Options Thorpe House have been able to gain their first AQA qualifications and after a successful year long programme one of our residents is now able to have his hair cut for the first time in many, many years without any stress or upset. Another Options Thorpe House resident was able to take the positive step and recognise the benefit and need to have support which again is a great success.”

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