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Care & Accommodation


Across the entire Options Watermill site we are committed to person-centred planning in line with the Government’s Autism Strategy and the personalisation agenda. Every person living at these services plays an active role in developing their individualised programmes of care and personal development, ensuring that their needs are met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that their individual choices are respected.

As part of the thorough care provision people have access to Options Autism clinical services alongside the local community nurses. GPs, Dentists and Opticians often also visit the site if people are unable to access them in the community.

Weekly days out are planned to experience different activities, returning to Options Watermill at the end of the day.

Holidays are creatively considered here at Options Watermill, with each individual supported with an annual holiday suitable for their needs. If possible this will be in the form of an offsite weekly break, with places such as lake district, Derbyshire, Yorkshire in accommodation that meets the needs of the individual. For those less able, a week of onsite activities are planned in order to provide the same benefits of a weekly change of structure.

Families are encouraged to visit, and are offered our onsite log cabin as a place to stay in order for them to be close to their loved one. Family meetings are also arranged in our care in attending family events and gatherings.


Options Watermill provides specialist person-centred care and opportunities for personal development for up to 14 people with autistic spectrum conditions, associated complex needs and challenging behaviours.

The site has been developed extensively to meet the needs of the individual in its care, and now includes the main house, a separate purpose built bungalow, the newly developed lodge and an independent modern log cabin.

Within the main house people have their own en-suite bedrooms and quiet spaces, which they are encouraged and supported to personalise. They share a kitchen, lounge and dining facilities and an activities room, and have access to a specially modified onsite gym, hydrotherapy pool and multi-sensory room, soft indoor activity area, sports hall, classroom, large safe garden with swings and see saw . There is also a single occupancy independent flat within the main house, with bedroom, en-suite bathroom and kitchen diner.

Both the bungalow and lodge are divided into 4 independent high-quality single occupancy flats; each has a bedroom, en-suite bathroom and kitchen. Those in the lodge also have their own private garden. As at the main house, people are encouraged and supported to personalise their flats to meet their needs.

The modern onsite log cabin is currently used to provide families with the opportunity to visit their loved ones who live at Options Watermill and stay for short breaks in order to accompany them on days out and to spend quality time with them in their own home.

People are encouraged to work towards maintaining their own environment and keeping their bedrooms and living areas clean and tidy. For those with private gardens, they are supported with the maintenance of these areas also.

Here at Options Watermill we adapt out environments to suit the needs of the people in our care, examples of changes we have made include: soundproofing an entire flat and sourcing and installing an accessible bath.

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