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Success Stories

“…his life is now worth living.”

“He is happy and contended young man managed exceptionally well by Helen and the teams and his life is now worth living. Helen and her teams have achieved this by true team work, management, dedication to duty and work, an exceptional knowledge of Autism and excellent communication skills with me, the Mother.

At first my son was so bad that he could not leave the premises, but by the sheer determination and the dedication of everyone involved, he was introduced slowly to trips out in the car and small walks which has led to him now having a week’s holiday at the coast, away from his comfort zone and the security of things being the same, that every autistic person needs.”

– Kalil’s Mother

“…he feels safe.”

” When taken off-site, Joseph always wants to go home to Watermill – where he feels safe.” 

– Joseph Olewicz’s Mother

“Very happy…”

Very happy to see our son happy and content, he calls Watermill home which is lovely to hear.” 

– David’s Mother

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