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Success Stories

“Reach for the stars Dan”

“What a lovely time at Daniels end of year prom, his final one at Options Kinsale.  The School opened its doors 10 years ago with Dan at their very first pupil.  Today he was presented with “Pupil of the Decade” award.  How he has grown and developed during those 10 years.  A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has worked with him over all those years.  There have been ups and downs but you have all helped to shape him into the larger-than-life, funny, loving, ingenious character that he is today! Dan was presented with a gorgeous pencil drawing of himself done by one of the staff, as well as some lovely photo books and a canvas, and best of all a massive disco ball! He performed his signature song “Reach for the Stars” and to be honest, that’s all you need to do Daniel Evans, just keep reaching for the stars and you won’t go far wrong!”

– Daniel’s Mother

“We couldn’t have got this far without them…”

“It’s worked out for Benjie and I’m certain that it is down to the team approach at Kinsale. The staff kept going, kept trying different things and they listened to me, his mother. Parents may not be coping with the behaviour but they know their child better than anybody. I felt part of the team.[…] We couldn’t have got this far without them, that team approach of working so constructively with Social Services and the Health Service has been a massive benefit. 

Kinsale started to give him a purpose[…]He hasn’t been violent for two years. He’s very sweet and gentle. We’re on a voyage of discovery.

We had the right support and the right professionals; we wouldn’t have achieved it without them.

– Benjie’s Mother

“The staff team are like family members…”

“Kinsale is genuinely child-centred care and education. The staff team are like family members, extended family that I could ring up and talk to about anything […] as a parent it’s good to know the staff are concerned and come up with answers.

They plan everything carefully, including site visits if he has medical appointments to check the environment and look for triggers. Then they explained it to him with pictures and a social story making clear what the plan was.

At Kinsale Karl gained confidence and was taught how to dress and care for himself so he is more independent […] Karl has learned a lot and is more able to manage his behaviour.”

– Karl’s Mother

“I am so happy…”

“I am so happy that Kinsale has had the recognition they truly deserve. Without the dedication and fantastic care and support of the staff, Ryan would not have made such positive improvements. Prior to Kinsale I would not have believed that Ryan could have made such positive relationships with his support staff and that his self-esteem and confidence could have improved so much.” 

– Ryan’s Mother

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