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The school provides a wide ranging curriculum which is tailored to meet the needs of each individual pupil. Pupils are able to work to nationally recognised educational awards in a broad range of subjects. Pupils are able to access Animal Husbandry using our onsite facilities, Horticulture and outdoor activities education. Where appropriate we seek to source work experience placements for pupils. The service also seeks to build links with local schools and colleges which enable us to provide further education opportunities for our pupils.

Many of the young people who come to Options Trent Acres have either experience a fragmented education or have not attended School/ College for a long period of time. Many of our students have a Statement of Special Educational Needs/Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which will detail and identify their needs.

Our aims for our students are:

  • To give young people the opportunity to learn and achieve.
  • To assess the academic level of all young people within six weeks of their arrival at the college, to ensure that the provision meets their level of learning to enable them to progress.
  • To provide a relevant curriculum which is appropriately broad and balanced.
  • To establish the individual needs of all students and to devise a programme which targets those needs and develops core literacy, numeracy and ICT skills as well as seeking appropriate accreditation e.g. GCSE, BTEC and ASDAN.
  • Access to the National Curriculum, where this is appropriate;
  • To develop social and living skills in preparation for adult life as well as moral and cultural understanding.
  • To foster in students the value of education as a lifelong process thus building self-esteem through achievement.
  • To provide Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students where appropriate a variety of opportunities for college placements and/or work experience;
  • To collate regular data to enable us to demonstrate progress and achievement.
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