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Our Services

West London Community college currently comprises of four distinct site. Students’ needs and targets are assessed and then a placement is offered at the site that can best meet that individual’s needs.

Each site runs practical, holistic and educational sessions with flexible group sizes and support ratios. Each site is designed to provide a safe, caring and autism-focussed environment where each of our students can be empowered, through support and opportunities, to maximise their own potential and to go on to lead fulfilling and independent lives.


West London Community College offer a 43 week a year respite service on Saturdays from 09:00 – 16:30. The service is offered at our Stables Courtyard campus and incorporates activities available across all four of our sites. Students have the opportunity to access a respite service that is held exclusively during the day.

A typical respite placement involves an overnight stay, something that the students who currently access the service at West London Community College would struggle with; due to anxieties surrounding the transition from home to overnight respite. West London Community College offers a meaningful, fulfilling and person-centred respite service. .

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