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Education & Qualifications


We believe that every young person is an individual and has something unique to offer the world, and from Year 7, our pupils will work through a broad and balanced curriculum to suit their requirements.  Pupils will work both in and outside of the classroom. We work together we will identify the most appropriate qualification pathway for each young person who attends our school.

Find out more about The Tower School Careers Programme here.


As well as providing the opportunity to sit exams, we will be able to offer additional experiences through partnerships with a variety of local providers.  On leaving The Tower School, some pupils will want to follow a Further Education pathway; other pupils will want to head into the world of work.  Wherever their destination, we will make sure that they are ready.

At The Tower School, we support pupils to develop an independent style of learning which helps them as they take their exams and beyond.  We want our pupils to have high ambitions and we support them to achieve these goals.

“We are a school which believe in learning experiences outside the classroom, and we work with the local community to maximise opportunities for young people at our school.”

– Kerry Linden, Headteacher

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