Care & Accommodation – Coming Soon Registration Pending

An application is currently being submitted to Ofsted for residentail care.  The registration for Options Trent Acres School will be for up to 18 young people in three separate houses. These individual, self-contained houses will provide a structured, homely and nurturing environment for our young people. We believe this is the starting point to enable the young people to achieve their potential.

The three homes on-site are  The Cottage, The Spinney and The Meadows. Each home offers a very high standard of accommodation. Each home can accommodate up to a maximum of six young people. All homes are kept beautifully decorated throughout and young people will be able to personalise decoration of their own bedrooms as well as have input into how the remainder of their home is presented.

The homes will provide close supervision and high levels of support for the young people by the ratio of staff on duty at any one time in each house. There are many positive opportunities for the young people to interact with each other and participate in larger group activities, for team sports and some social and recreational activities.

Trent Acres JHP 284
Trent Acres JHP 284
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Trent Acres 9
Trent Acres JHP 316
Trent Acres JHP 284Trent Acres JHP 286Trent Acres JHP 311Trent Acres 9Trent Acres JHP 316