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Our Services

Here at West London Community College we can help in a number of ways, as well as literacy, numeracy and ICT we also strategically and skilfully put other skills together into our session plans, for example, social enterprise is fundamentally a session in which we aim to embed all aspects of vocational training.

Our social enterprise is looking to market lunch options to the numerous businesses in the local area, which will support the students to develop their ability to safely access the community, effectively use computers to source recipes, market the business and calculate profit margins, improve money skills when selling and budgeting the next product, working as a team to develop our products and develop key social interaction skills when it comes to dealing with the general public- our customers.

Some of the other sessions we offer include:

Social drama, Functional skills, Vocational skills, ‘Image in Action’, Independence, Work placements, Horse riding,Life skills

Students also have the option of incorporating academic study into their timetable and can undertake qualifications such as GCSE’s and ASDAN.

Overall we empower students’ opportunities and help maximise their potential, ensuring they are able to lead an individualistic life, and have support of others’ who hold autism spectrum conditions.


West London Community College offer a 43 week a year respite service on Saturdays from 09:00 – 16:30. The service is offered at our Stables Courtyard campus and incorporates activities available across all four of our sites. Students have the opportunity to access a respite service that is held exclusively during the day.

A typical respite placement involves an overnight stay, something that the students who currently access the service at West London Community College struggle with the transition from home to overnight respite. West London Community College offers a meaningful and fulfilling service catered to the individual needs of each individual.

Extra Curricular

BOY’S NIGHT – On a termly basis, trained and experienced male members of our staff team support our male students to access a number of different local restaurants. This gives attendees the opportunity to develop their social skills in a safe, positive and well supported environment.

GIRL’S NIGHT – On a termly basis, trained and experienced female members of our staff team support our female students to have a ‘girl’s night in’ usually held at our Courtyard campus. This not only gives attendees the opportunity to develop their social skills, but also to discuss personal hygiene, swap beauty tips and enjoy a good pampering session.

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