Our Sites


Located in Hayes, our Stables Court Yard campus (a beautiful Grade II-listed building) is surrounded by many of the local amenities; all of which we like to access and integrate into our session plans, in order to expose our students to the community environment; whilst maintaining a specialised and safe level of support.

Accommodating 25 students, the area is also well connected to local public transport, with central London a simple train ride away. Having one of the world’s leading capital cities on our doorstep means that the students are often in the privileged position of being able to suggest, plan and participate in life enhancing excursions, with community access proving to be an invaluable session on the college timetable.

Progress made by students at WLCC is closely monitored by session facilitators and key workers alike, to ensure that each individual maximises their potential whilst in our care.

Although the majority of our timetabled sessions are facilitated by an experienced group of Vocational Training Officers, we also offer the students’ various therapies delivered by a hand-picked team of trained professionals.

These sessions include; speech and language, occupational therapy and counselling, and are designed to help the students develop coping strategies and improve communication techniques, as well as providing a safe forum in which to express themselves.


Well Being Room
Speech And Language And Occupational Therapists
Behaviour Management Group
Asperger’s Group
Work Experience Programme
Respite Service

2 Computer Suites
2 Well-Being Rooms
2 Male Toilets
2 Female Toilets
Large Common Room
Counselling Room
All-Weather Garden
IPads For Students
4 Interactive Smart-Boards


Colne Lodge is situated in Uxbridge, by the bank of the River Colne; this college site provides a perfect environment for students with high communication and support needs and can accommodate ten students whilst maintaining a person-centred approach.

Excellent facilities include; a sensory room, mini gym and ICT suite- to meet students’ complex needs. In addition, enclosed is a beautiful garden, where views of the river can be enjoyed. Sessions accessed by students at Colne Lodge include; horse riding, swimming, sensory play, occupational therapy, speech and language, cookery, shopping, numeracy and literacy.

Each student has a person centred timetable created to match their needs, identified during our robust assessment process.

We have a large common room, one computer suite, a sensory room, male toilets, female toilets, disabled toilets, a locker room and a garden with space to grow plants and food. All computers have Internet access, touch-screen monitors and Microsoft Office. We also have Apple iPads available for students, which provide new and unique ways of learning.


Sensory Room
Fully Enclosed Garden
Therapeutic Rooms
Respite Service


Our sister centre to the WLCC is The Old Vicarage, an eight bedroom residential located on the Greenway, Middlesex with Uxbridge town centre just a ten minutes’ walk away.

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