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New learning opportunities at Options Kinsale

At Options Kinsale we continue to provide new and innovative educational learning opportunities for the children & Young People we support, these include…

Food Technology

Learners enjoy cooking food for themselves to better equip them for life in the future. They are also increasing their literacy skills, reading cooking instructions and developing their numeracy, when weighing ingredients. Food cooked by our students so far includes: cakes, pancakes, scones, biscuits. Our next step will be to make use of the British Nutrition Foundation food competencies, focusing on healthy eating. This will complement our application for a Healthy Schools qualification.

National Dog Therapy

We have introduced a scheme of reading to dogs under the National Therapy with Dogs programme. This is a non-judgmental opportunity for our learners to read 1:1 with dogs, using reading resources at school. One of our guest dogs ‘High Fives’ the children at the end of the reading time.

Equine/CELT Project

Pupils are now embarking on a horse riding programme at the Disabled Riding School in Llanfynydd. Project CELT (Centre for Equine Learning and Therapy) provides opportunities for our learners to undertake equine learning through the LNF curriculum and/or equine therapy.

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