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Options Trent Acres Are Working In Association With Staffordshire Police To Offer Police Cadets Training To Their Students

Options Trent Acres are working in association with Staffordshire Police to offer Police Cadets training to their students

Following the success of a Police Cadet Service aimed at developing leadership skills in 14 to 17 year olds, Staffordshire Police have begun a Junior Cadet’s Programme, looking to build positive relationships between police and young people, whilst also promoting community awareness and good citizenship.

Options Trent Acres are proud to be a part of the scheme and look forward to taking part in the programme outlined below.

The programme consists of seven one-hour sessions delivered by the local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). The course is designed to develop children’s respect for others and their communication skills, an awareness of being a responsible citizen and information on the role of Police in keeping communities safe.

The sessions cover the following areas: –


Session 1 – What does it mean to be a responsible member of the community and how do the Police help us?

Session 2 – How do the Police communicate and what is the NATO phonetic alphabet?

Session 3 – How do I use an air-wave radio to receive and communicate information?

Session 4 – What is anti-social behaviour and how does it damage a community?

Session 5 – What is bullying, how it can damage individuals, and how to get help?

Session 6 – How can you stay safe when out and about?

Session 7 – How does forensic science help solve crimes?


Though the duration of the course, the students will be provided with a Junior Police pocket note book to record targets and reflections and upon completion of the course, each pupil will receive a certificate, baseball cap, t-shirt and pin on badge.

Good luck to all the students taking part. We look forward to hearing how you have got on.

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