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Options West London Community College

Options West London Community College

Options West London Community College is a well-established, independent living and life skills provision for adults on the autism spectrum.  We offer individualised programmes which are designed to meet the complex needs of each of our students, as well as to increase their sense of personal independence.

We adopt a person-centred approach by identifying very specific areas of support required for each one of our students and then engineering a timetable specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. Timetables currently include sessions such as cookery, social skills, vocational skills and personal hygiene, we endeavour to equip our students with a skill set to lead as independent a life as possible; these can be things that you may take for granted like making a cup of tea, or something more complicated such as finding employment.

Other sessions we offer include; functional skills, social drama, ICT, vocational skills, image in action and independence, as well as more practical groups such as work experience placements, horse riding classes, art as therapy and life skills exist to improve all students’ lives – all of which are carefully regulated towards each student’s level of ability.

It is our vision to improve the quality of life for our students and promote awareness and understanding of autism spectrum conditions.

Students also have the option of selecting academic study into their timetable and are able to undertake qualifications such as GCSEs and ASDAN. College staff work closely with other professional colleagues to form a multi-disciplinary team, providing a holistic approach to each student’s welfare and well-being.

With a 43 week service available to all those who attend WLCC, our students are typically funded by local social service although we do welcome any other forms of funding – including SEN funding, personal budgets and private direct payments.

The College is committed to empowering students to access opportunities that maximise their potential. An individualised, thriving programme is devised using the student’s specific care plan, making life easier when living with autism. All targets set will be realistic in order to ensure that the student has the best opportunity to work towards, leading a truly independent life.

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